Hello, good evening and welcome to another year at the Greenock Writers Club! In the spirit of equal opportunities they have asked me, ‘Digby the dog’, to have a go at his whole blog thing. This despite my already not unsubstantial contribution to the evenings proceedings! Arruff! So anyway here goes.

The president of the club Ian Taylor (he’s my favourite) began by introducing our new member ‘Jax‘ . She seemed very nice – into poetry, Sci-fi and fantasy and hopefully a new source of dog biscuits. Everybody introduced themselves in a convivial enough sort of way though I confess I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was searching around under the table for the ice to break!

When next I raised my head Leslie Holligan (our SAW representative) was prattling on about SAW competitions and the like, taking place at the Westerwood Hotel (23rd – 25th March). Sounded interesting. I wonder what their policy on dogs is like? Anyway more importantly Leslie produced some dog biscuits! Arruff! (She’s my favourite).

After tea Collette Hannigan (competition secretary) Told us lots of stuff about how to submit your competition entries, that apparently she herself didn’t know ( how does that work?). I think she must be very clever (she’s my new favourite). Anyway I’m just a type one paw at a time kind of dog so what do I know? Arruff!