This week the good folks of GWC brought along selections of their very on writing, what they had wrote. And read it out loud! So many voices. For all to hear. Now generally speaking all humans sound pretty much the same to me, except for Lesley and Ian (they’re my favourites), but not tonight! Arruff!

I sat, head propped on the table and drank up the stories and poems that zigzagged across the table. Where to begin? Well with Grahame’s slice and dice of the changin’ times of the 60’s and 70’s. Personally I don’t remember them so I guess I must have been there. Arruff! Anyway, was glad NOT to have been in ‘The Chase’ Johns tale of nice fox and nasty dogs. A little frightening and funny at the same time.

Speaking of which, there were stories to scare (suitable for ages 7 and above) of Ghost houses, indigenous fairies and Trevor the ‘NotSoGood’ ghost – with the allergy problem. Should have called Ghostbusters. Arruff!

It was an eclectic evening to say the least as we were treated to a set of dentures with a mind of their own and journeyed on a ‘Catamaran Caper’ with Sicilian undertones. Among many unexplained phenomena, we experienced the ‘SKY’, heard ‘Angel Voices’ and discovered that sometimes Giants dream small.

Listening to all the poetry made me want to try my paw it and sum up the evening. So here goes…

From rainy days that made room to remind

And musings of Ming vases keen to chat

To thoughts of thinkers with frozen behinds.

And something about a man with a ginger cat!


And Finally. He who shall not be named, rounded off the evening with a rendition of ‘Sweet Alice Brown’. Now I’m willing to admit that a lot of this went over my head (admittedly I was under the table at the time). But when I popped up the room was awash with red faces, open mouths and shrieks of incredulity. Did he really say that? Apparently he did! Arruff!

Oh well onwards and upwards.