Everyone has a story to tell

We believe everyone has their own story. We all live unique lives and in doing so we experience things, sometimes worth noting and at other times best forgetting.
To a writer, however, it is all worth remembering. Observing and recording the detail. It's the good and the bad, the wonderful and the painful that makeup all our daily lives. When writing takes a hold of you, you have to create reality by showing both sides of your story.
If you want to write and to meet others who have the same interest then take the bold step of contacting us. Please note we are not all expert writers. We are a very mixed group with poets, short story and budding novelists. You don't have to be academically qualified you just have to want to write.

Meeting Report

/Meeting Report

February 12th 2020 – Beyond the Sonnet: Other Poetic Forms – David McKelvie

Our resident master of muse David McKelvie served up a veritable smorgasbord of poetic forms to the assembled company last night. To one not versed in the finer art, and who at times can find modern poetry without rhyme or reason, it was a bit of an eye opener to realise just how many other […]

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January 29th 2020 – Screenplay Exemplars / Fiction and poetry Readings

Last night saw ‘The Return of El Presidente Grahame’ and like a Star Wars sequel he was full of useful insights and tips on screenplay writing. Yeah I know that analogy didn’t really work there. Still Grahame did liberally dispense lots of free screenplays for club members (including StarWars!). He personally handed me ‘The Terminator’. […]

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January 22nd 2020 – Coping With Writers Block: Using Writing Prompts

El Presidente Grahame is still feeling a little poorly as indeed is the indomitable Edith so our thoughts go out to them for a speedy recovery. While our president of Vice (Ian) deputised, Isobel took control of proceedings beginning with a quick writing exercise on ‘Traffic’ to get us warmed up. It certainly got me […]

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January 15th 2020 – Writing a Screenplay : Good Practice

Last night we were treated to a master-class in the art of screenplay writing by Danny McCahon, whose writing credits range from Casualty and Emmerdale to London’s Burning and more. As it turns out writing good screenplays is not that different from short stories; it’s mainly about Character and involves the skills of writing good […]

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January 8th 2020 – Adjudication Short Story for U-7s (A Christmas Tale)

Well it was adjudication time in the clubhouse once more. This time for a short story for the under 7s on a Christmas theme. No mean task this as anyone who has tried to keep an under 7 amused will know. Arruff! I confess I did have a stab at this one but I struggled […]

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December 11th 2019 – Christmas Quiz Book Swap and Pantomime

Due to the inconvenience of a pesky election or, if you prefer, the inalienable execution of our democratic rights, GWC managed to slum it last night in the far from frugal surrounds of Gourock Golf Club. And like the pragmatic souls that we are, a pleasant meal was enjoyed by all. Except for me who […]

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December 4th 2019 – Peer Editing Workshop 2

Last night was a chance for members to hone their editing skills on Colette’s piece ‘ Little Liar’. An interesting little character study on that very human of personality foibles, mendacity. I’m afraid I arrived a little late so was not privy to the full, frank and honest discussion that took place but hopefully it […]

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November 20th 2019 – Writing in Partnership 1 – Headlines

Last night featured our resident Doctor/Criminologist Anne Pettigrew putting on her journalistic hat this week on the subject of Headlines/Titles. There was a lively discussion with plenty of examples of attention grabbing headlines. For example after a famous Celtic defeat the headline read ‘Super Cali Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious.’ The trick is to hook […]

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November 13th 2019 – Adjudication of Competition 2- A Scottish icon Article

Guest Adjudicator Simon Salento could not make it along from Edinburgh but that just meant we had the special treat of Colette’s dulcet tones reading out his comments on the thirteen entries. The subject matter ranged from such recognised icons as ‘Clyde River Steamers’ and ‘The Scottish Ceilidh’ to less well known subjects like ‘Scottis […]

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November 6th 2019 – Personal Writing – I Have A Dream

Last night the ying and yang of GWC took over proceedings; otherwise known as the Isobel and Tony show’ Arruff! Isobel began with some inspiration writing on a hope and a prayer. Members were encouraged to write about dreams and hopes for a) ourselves b) someone close to us c) someone we were at odds […]

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