Everyone has a story to tell

We believe everyone has their own story. We all live unique lives and in doing so we experience things, sometimes worth noting and at other times best forgetting.
To a writer, however, it is all worth remembering. Observing and recording the detail. It’s the good and the bad, the wonderful and the painful that makeup all our daily lives. When writing takes a hold of you, you have to create reality by showing both sides of your story.
If you want to write and to meet others who have the same interest then take the bold step of contacting us. Please note we are not all expert writers. We are a very mixed group with poets, short story and budding novelists. You don’t have to be academically qualified you just have to want to write.

Meeting Report

/Meeting Report

September 11th 2019 – Readings of Memoir and One Giant Leap – Sci-fi Creative Writing Activity

Digby Dog: ghost writer here today. The real me is in a transcendental state induced by the the loss of three of my knashers. Have no fear though fellow scribblers I will continue to champion GWC, even down to the last tooth! Anyway to business El Preso Grahame announced some free creative writing classes in […]

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September 4th 2019 – Welcome and Introduction

Hello all! Digby here your resident canine commentator on the enthusiastic machinations of the Greenock Writers Club – which at times can make Brexit look like a piece of cake. Mmmmmm Cake! Arruf! Oh sorry where was I? Oh yes, El Presidente, Grahame, kicked off proceedings by welcoming one and all ( including some new […]

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April 17th 2019 – Annual Dinner (Adjudication Competition 6 – Memoir)

Last night saw the grand finale to The Greenock Writers club season with our annual dinner which on this occasion took place at Gourock Golf Club where good food and resplendent views were enjoyed by over 20 of the club’s members. Guest Adjudicator, Mary Edward, was also present and delivered her verdict on the eight […]

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March 27th 2019 – Performance of Scottish Sketch (A Favourite Place in Scotland)

The SAW conference was a carry-on! Tony came away with a HC and a bronze (WOW!). Grahame came away with a new title – Vice-President of SAW (kisses to Isobel and Fiona for voting).

Which was your favourite Scottish favourite place sketch? Did you plum for thrush at the check out; wind under your tablecloth; […]

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March 20th 2019 – Adjudication: Scottish Sketch (A Favourite Place in Scotland) – Karl Pittom

Last night guest adjudicator Karl Pittom, rugby fan, drama teacher and one-time extra in a Eurovision prom video (‘A Yodel in the Canyon of Love!’), gave us the benefit of his expertise in judging the six entries in our Scottish sketch competition.

El Presidente, Grahame, kicked off proceedings by asking Karl ‘if he knew what he […]

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March 13th 2019 – Peer Editing Workshop 3

DANKE to Franziska for putting herself under the spotlight in our third Peer Assessment workshop. Hopefully the feedback will strengthen, what the group already considered to be, a strong story. The Dragon of Irvine was alive and well in the minds of the feedback-ers despite the presence of witches, lances and berserkers. A big DANKE […]

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March 6th 2019 – Cracking a Joke:Witty Writing – John McLean

John McLean, our resident droll, regaled us all with a selection of his idiosyncratic, irreverent and irrepressible wit and humour. No subject was off limits, from religion and politics to the more embarrassing parts of the human body, John showed no mercy. From elephants in stockings to multi-testiculated moluscs; for John it was all just […]

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February 27th 2019 – Writing Your Memoirs (Keeping the Past Alive) – Mary Edward

Last night saw guest speaker Mary Edward musing on the nature of memoirs, prior to the upcoming competition on that genre. A history graduate, English teacher, published author and past president of SAW meant Mary had a great deal of knowledge to share not to mention a few secrets! Arruff! She defined a memoir as […]

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February 13rd 2019 – Working in Collaborations – Sarah Dolan

Collaboration was the name of the game last night and Sarah had certainly done her homework on the subject. We kicked off with a series of linked poems where each person did a few lines of a poem then passed it on to the next member. Apparently this is very big in Japan where it […]

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February 6th 2019 – Workshop: Writing Prompts – Grahame Anderson

Stephen King, Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust and Grahame Anderson. What do they all have in common? Answer is an aversion to writer’s block. That’s where the prompts come in. From one word to a whole scenario. Unlock your mind and let the words bubble over on to the page. Don’t be frightened. Explore […]

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