Greenock Writers’ Club: Competitions 2017-2018

1. A short story (fiction) featuring a tragedy

It should tell a story which is invented, not be an article or biography. However, you may choose a real-life event and fictionalise it.
2,000-2,500 words
Adjudicator: Moira Gray – Due 20.09.2017
Annual Summer Competition Trophy

1st place …………………..: ‘Long Liz’ by Anthony Watt

2nd place …………………: ‘Attachments’ by Sarah L. Dolan

3rd place ………………….: ‘Head for the hills’ by Helen Heffernan

Honourable mention …: ‘Angels Don’t have wings’ by Franziska Kerber


2. A review of a book or film of your own choice.

This should be a piece of non-fiction based on your opinion of a particular book or film
350-500 words
Adjudicators: Anthony and Isobel Watt  Due 18.10.2017
Wooden Quaich

3. An article about a scandal.

This should be a real-life event which may be interpreted in any way. It should be a factual piece of writing with a view to publication in a newspaper or magazine.
1,000-1,500 words
Adjudicator: Allan Morrison   Due 15.11.2017
Greenock Writers’ Club Article Trophy

4. The lyrics to the tune of a Beatles’ song of your own choice.

Length as appropriate.
Adjudicators: Mark and Shelagh M Jones  Due 24.01.2018
Greenock Writers’ Club Poetry Trophy

5. A humorous Scottish dramatic sketch.

This should be a humorous Scottish sketch, featuring a maximum of five characters. Length: a maximum of five minutes.
Adjudicator: Jack Muir Due 21.02.2018
Lydia Webster Memorial Trophy

6. A short story (fiction) featuring a love story with a twist.

This should be an invented story, not an article and not biography. However, you may use as stimulus a real-life event and fictionalise it.
2,500-3,000 words

Adjudicator: Fiona McFadzean   Due 21.03.2018

Janetta Bowie Memorial Trophy