Due to the inconvenience of a pesky election or, if you prefer, the inalienable execution of our democratic rights, GWC managed to slum it last night in the far from frugal surrounds of Gourock Golf Club. And like the pragmatic souls that we are, a pleasant meal was enjoyed by all. Except for me who turned up late thus missing out on the subtleties of ‘feathered beef’!

A game of pass the mystery book followed the meal, which after a faltering start/stop resulted in a not entirely random distribution of books among members. Then it was on to the Christmas Quiz. Franziska had prepared a detailed and educational set of questions concerning how Christmas is celebrated in counties throughout the world. (who knew that KFC was a traditional Christmas meal in Japan?). Anyway a triumphant Tony won and was rewarded with the prize of being given the honour of writing, directing and producing the GWC Christmas pantomime special! Which he managed to do before the coffee even got cold. What a guy!

So the evening concluded with the Tony Watt production of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’!!!

Now as an active participant in the aforementioned pantomime I do feel disqualified to critique this somewhat stellar event. But rather I think the rambunctious applause from members spoke well of the authors modern take on a traditional tale.

Anyway that’s it for the first half of the season. A Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to one and all and see you on January 8th.

Ho Hum Onwards and Upwards.