It was a fun filled night with Shelagh M Jones who came along tonight to help the members turn their writing talents to song writing.

Shelagh explained how she would approach a song and filled the night with music entertaining the members with out own private concert.

After the break – chocolate gingers and Digby the dog trying to get in on the act, Shelagh took the members through versus and choruses and then decided we were all able enough to write our own song.

Each team were tasked to write a verse each to the tune of White Christmas. Once the giggling had stopped Shelagh started us off by singing the first verse as sung by Bing Crosby leading straight into the members versus. It was an exciting evening to try and write so few words and make them meaningful as usually the members are used to thousands of words.


Shelagh M Jones – Altogether now…I’m dreaming of a White Christmas Tra la la la la

Shelagh singing her own penned Sugar Sheds song

Shelagh singing her own penned Sugar Sheds song