New Year is just around the corner. Bagsy a couple of ideas you might fancy as your Scottish icons. Thanks Anne and Isobel for the lists.

Christmas is coming and who doesn’t like receiving rubbish? Thanks to Alan Walker for the gifts, delivered via our own FC (John). Despite member apologies, we had a full house – Isobel’s bingo featuring frightening facts. Have a go at an acrostic poem whilst you deliberate over the five types of plastic and whether a milk carton lid is a blue or a black … To finish, we flashed fiction using Tony’s provocative prompts. No Peppa Pigs were harmed despite the presence of palm oil, post-it-notes, pubs on Mars, and much, much more. It was a fracking good exercise with enough innuendos to fill a landfill.

Last meeting before Christmas next week – bring merriment, small gifts, food, books and misplaced markers – all welcome.