Our resident master of muse David McKelvie served up a veritable smorgasbord of poetic forms to the assembled company last night. To one not versed in the finer art, and who at times can find modern poetry without rhyme or reason, it was a bit of an eye opener to realise just how many other poetic forms there are. From the Quatrain and the Ruba’iat to Spenserian Stanzas and even the humble ballad all their rhythms and rhyming structures were fully elucidated. David, as well as supplying a detailed handout, came armed with poetry books a plenty from which many famous examples were read.

Many were happy to join in the poetry readings, indeed there was no restraining John McLean from recanting ‘The Shooting of Dangerous Dan McGrew’ and later the whole company each read out a stanza of Keat’s ‘La Belle Dame sans Merci’ – a bit like pass the parcel with a poetry book.

For those interested in exploring this subject deeper David suggested Stephen Fry’s book ‘An Ode Less Travelled’

Though David came armed with his trusty rhyming dictionary, there is also an online version available called Rhymezone which can be found at the website below.


After tea we engaged in the light-hearted task of limerick writing. The amusing results included Granny spitting, courtroom appearances, grumpy smokers and someone in need of a pee. Though the last one might have been me.

Ho Hum, onwards and upwards.