Collaboration was the name of the game last night and Sarah had certainly done her homework on the subject. We kicked off with a series of linked poems where each person did a few lines of a poem then passed it on to the next member. Apparently this is very big in Japan where it is known as Renga. Specificity we employed a combination of Haiku and Tanka! This required a certain amount of discipline (lots of counting of syllables on fingers) and bouncing off the ideas/words of the person(s) before. It resulted in some weird results – not least a weed smoking bear. More importantly it led to a discussion by the group on what it means to collaborate both the positive and negative aspects of working together. As the lone wolf in the room this mostly went over my head. Must be a human thing. Arruff!

Sarah had also brought along a lot of her research from the internet on collaboration, in relation to writing, which made for interesting reading and made you realise there is more than one way to skin a cat (no offence to cats). Arruff! We then went round the group discussing our own preferences re collaborating. Sarah also shared some of her own thoughts on collaborating, by way of mind maps, with the group which were very thought provoking. Arruff!

For the last ten minutes we ventured off topic to read out a few valentine poems. We had Edith in love in Tuscany, John in chocolate heaven and Sarah musing on the subject of love and pies! Arruff!

Oh well, onwards and upwards.