Our speaker tonight was Gerry Bergin from Inverclyde Libraries. Gerry gave us an insightful look at the role of a library in today’s world.

With the advent of the internet and eReaders the toll has been hard on most libraries. Some have resorted to sharing building with other services such as the local Registrars whilst some unfortunately have closed.

Gerry took us down memory lane to when a Library Bus would drive into communities across Scotland but even these have succumbed to modern reading habits.

Modern use of the Library is slightly ironic in they use time to teach people how to use the Internet. That said a library is so important for kids to go along to and see the displays of books and learn to read.

The library also manages many of the archives of old maps and documents about the area including extensive collections of old photographs.

Support your local library. Use it or you will lose it. Teach your children and grandchildren by taking them with you.