In preparation for our upcoming competition ‘A Humorous Scottish Sketch’, Jack Muir paid us a visit from our sister writers club down the coast at Largs. Jack is a dramatist, humorist and raconteur and provided us with some useful tips and guidelines. But alas no dog biscuits! Arruff!

Jack kept us amused with lots of anecdotes from his past and how humour can often arise from the most unlikely of situations. For example the logistics of removing a ‘body’ from the stage during a play; which brought the dead back to life, had the audience in stitches and ended up killing the play! Arruff!

There was useful advice on how all plays are really just a succession of two part dialogues and how anything and everything can be used as source material. Personally I’m looking forward to the first all dog production of ‘Cats”! Arruff!

After tea Jack gave us a writing exercise to whet our dramatic skills. He provided some starter exchanges for a two part dialogue and let us loose. The results were a mixed bag, featuring bears and fur coats, Long John Silver (minus his parrot but plus his leg) and a fashion faux pas of wearing a tutu on a country walk.

There was some good news about David McKelvie our club treasurer and all round good guy. He’s out of hospital now and back home recuperating. (He’s my favourite!) Arruff!