A packed house with most members attending to hear Rosemary Gemmell give the results to the members for the ‘Recipe’ in a story, competition.

Rosemary covered the entries and reminded members about following the rules of any submission properly. This was a useful lesson to the members as sometimes the small detail of the presentation can be forgotten in the excitement of submitting a manuscript and so a good lesson was there for the members.

The Winner Sue with adjudicator Rosemary Gemmell

In first place was Sue with her story called “Brew”  A tale of a mother and daughter going to the Islands with their dog ‘Brew’ for the daughter to discover her family had powers she was unaware of.

In second place was Tony Watt (postal member) “Revenge is a Dish” A great story of a schoolboy being humiliated and how he gets his revenge back on the girl who has been annoying him.

In third place was Anne with her story titled  “Emily and Jasmine”

In fourth place was David with his story “Recipe for a Disaster”.