Continuing on from last week’s fairytales and folktales … there was a mouse in the house. John McLean introduced us to Mathew Longtail, the field mouse, and his search for suitable “Winter Quarters”. Let’s not mention Mr Rags, the scarecrow, who had been voted “outstanding in his field” [collective groan]. Did the field mouse survive the winter? Was he torn to shreds by Geronimo’s terrier, Mick? Or did he land on his feet, in mousey heaven, with Daisy? Writers are invited to send their winning entries to Morris if they wish their stories to be shared on Greenock Writers’ website.

Talking of Morris … tonight was the second of his peer editing workshops. Grateful thanks go to Mary McCue for sharing her poem “The Boy” with us. Having read it (more than once by lots of us) comments around the table ranged from “alarming” to “brilliant”. Some hated it. Some loved it. Constructive criticism concentrated on title, amount of content, punctuation, rhythm and the turn/shift (volta).

Any feedback on editing each other’s writing is welcomed. Please send your comments to Morris.