It was the turn of the ever effervescent Colette Hannigan, to WOW everyone with her presentation on Point of View in fiction writing or the narrator’s position in relation to a story being told. I had to look that last bit up Arruff! It is possible I may have missed the first few opening minutes of Colette’s no-doubt entirely splendid discourse, but I was practising being a cat! – more about that later. Anyway I don’t think anyone noticed when I snuck in late, to listen under the table. Arruff!

Apparently, cunning school teacher that she is, Colette managed to contrive that the members of Greenock Writers Club did most of the work by setting a series of writing exercises for them to do.

First up was to write something from the point of view of an inanimate object. Hmmmmm my whole training on ‘being the cat’ entirely wasted’ Meow! Oh what the heck, Arruff! The members came up with an eclectic mix from pens and mirrors to ornamental elephants!

Colette then mentioned ‘The Book Thief’, which I think she read in the shower? Don’t ask me. I’m just a dog pretending to be a cat trying to have a nap under a table. Anyway apparently ‘Death’ was chief narrator, bottle washer and all round plot spoiler in that one… Sorry spoiler alert for anyone who’s not read it. Arruff! So the next exercise was to write something from an unusual human narrators point of view. Helen chose… ‘The Man in the Moon’. Hmmmm…Like humans ever went there! Now I’m no conspiracy expert but even I can spot a fake flag when I see one….

After tea I was just sitting under the table practising my purring (a useful trick to make all humans go all-gooey and say ‘Awwwww’) when what do you know, Colette came up with yet another exercise! It was just like being back at school – except I never went? Anyway this was one where you described an incident from two peoples point of view. The noble Anthony Watt, sacrificed himself for his art, when he described a rather unfortunate incident involving a married couple and a broken Hoover. How Isobel laughed (at least on the outside). Arruff! She’s my favourite!