This week was the adjudication of the third competition of the year: a Scottish rant. The guest adjudicator was John Halloran, principal English teacher at St Andrew’s Academy in Paisley.

IMG_4755There were a wide variety of entries for this competition ranging in form from short stories and scripts to pure unadulterated rants. The subject matter ranged from Brexit and modern packaging to litter louts and supermarket shopping, from smoking and cold-calling to the perils of binge-drinking on route to Barcelona. The plethora of content on offer spoke well of the wide scope of imagination possessed by the members of the Greenock Writers Club or else to the frightening extent of their pent up frustrations. This humble member prefers to think it was the former.

All the entries managed good Scottish dialogue, some cleverly interweaving this with standard English. Most had an element of humour and were at times very self-effacing, though a few were quite serious almost journalistic in tone. The adjudication was very detailed and the comments provided by the Mr Halloran were very constructive in terms of how the pieces might be improved.

The results of the adjudication were:

  • 1st: Helen Heffernan (‘The Rant on Litter’)

  • 2nd: Anne Pettigrew (‘The Modern Housewife’s Rant’) – on modern packaging.

  • 3rd: Anthony Watt (‘It Leaves Me Beelin’) – on supermarket shopping

There was also a commendation:

  • David McKelvie (Scunnered – That’s Whit!’) – on pretty much everything from the war onwards!IMG_4758