Allan Morrison

Allan Morrison – Author

An evening of fun with local author Allan Morrison presenting the first half of our meeting. Allan told the members of the Greenock Writers’ Club about the ins and outs with publishers and how to navigate the publishing world.

Allan brought with him over twenty books he has had published and gave us an insight into the levels of success and failure on each book. The members were delighted with the insights as all information for budding writers is useful.

Allan finished by giving us a sneak preview of a range of ideas he has in the pipeline. All I can say is his future readers are in for a treat.


The second half of our meeting was presentation time for the winners of the dramatic sketch. This competition was kindly judged by Largs Writers’ Club.

In first place with the sketch ‘Effie’s Brooch’ was written by Anthony Watt

In second place with the sketch ‘The Three Amigos’ was written by Morris Lindsay

Two prizewinners share third place ‘The List’ by Anne Pettigrew and Aye, Sheep’s the Wee Boys, Ken! by David McKelvie.

Joint 3rd Place - David McKelvie

Joint 3rd Place – David McKelvie

Joint 3rd Place - Anne Pettigrew

Joint 3rd Place – Anne Pettigrew

2nd Place Morris Lindsay

2nd Place Morris Lindsay

1st Place - Anthony Watt

1st Place – Anthony Watt