Just a quick reminder that Anne Pettigrew is having the launch of her novel ‘Not the Life Imagined’ in the Curlers Rest, Byres Road (beside Hillhead Underground station) at 7pm on 24th January (tonight!) and she’d be delighted if anyone from the club could come along.

Our scheduled guest speaker Karl Pitton had unfortunately double booked himself coaching a youth rugby team (don’t you just hate it when that happens?) According to him it was just another unforeseen Brexit consequence? Anyway he sent his apologies and the ever helpful Lesley stepped into the breach, Arruff!

Lesley’s plan was for some group writing exercises with four groups of three people but somehow (to much amusement) ended up with three groups of four! Ho hum. I always considered the associative law of mathematics more a guideline anyway. Arruff!

Anyway we were given a starter for ten regarding someone’s dire need for a comfort break and asked to finish the sketch. We ended up with vomiting eight year olds, role playing executives exploring their inner child and tired teachers forgetting about the plumber. Yeah don’t worry if none of that makes sense – it was just one of those evenings.

After tea more sketch writing about someone being given bad news. The three scenarios this time were half burned deceased at a funeral parlour, a terminal patient who couldn’t lose at bingo and life (and death) on Mars brought to us via the International Space Station! Arruff!

Pictured below are the winners in the Modern fairytale competition

Oh well , onwards and upwards.