With Morris wearing the hat of conductor it was all aboard Grahame’s bus, via the land of Edit, to our destination “The Best Seat in the Universe”. [edit verb (edited, editing) assemble, prepare, modify, or condense (written material esp. the work of another or others) for publication.] Was it a wild goose chase or a magical mystery tour? Was the paintwork up to scratch? Were there potholes in the road? From sentence structure (short and long); to the order and essence of the plot; to strength of character; to suggestions on authors and books to read; to the technicalities of third degree burns; the feedback was done constructively [adverb alert!]. As Grahame concluded “it’s all about getting down on paper what’s in your head”. Obviously Grahame was using “paper” as a metaphor … Thank you Grahame for inviting us along. The views were spectacular.