Well it was adjudication time in the clubhouse once more. This time for a short story for the under 7s on a Christmas theme. No mean task this as anyone who has tried to keep an under 7 amused will know. Arruff! I confess I did have a stab at this one but I struggled to recall what sort of stories I liked as a young pup. To be honest though, I struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

Anne Pettigrew (deputising for the poorly Grace McKelvie) read out his comments on, it has to be said, an incredibly diverse selection of stories. From John’s ‘Sparky’ (a newly hatched dragon) to David’s ‘Panda Dog to the Rescue’ (my favourite) there definitely seemed to be something of an animal theme going on. Even Isobel was away with the birds; namely ruby robins, green finches and yellow hammers! Not sure about that last one Isobel.

The winners (of course everyone’s a winner really) were:

1st Place………….: Tony Watt (Santa’s Wee Mouse)

2nd Place…………: Morris Lindsay (Little Dot)

3rd Place…………: Mary McCue (Seven Silly Spiders)

After tea (and a bit of a New Year gossip) Tony set a writing exercise inspired by some Far Side cartoons he helpfully brought in. John McLean had an amusing ditty about Captain Kirk’s log (don’t ask) while Mary McCue opted for an overdose of puns in her medical musings. The strangest story (and weirdly a true story) was Laurie’s tale of a troubled library user who brought their shoe to the desk saying ‘how much they liked it’ and asking for ‘more of the same.’ Hmm. There’s no figuring human beings. Arruff!

Just a quick reminder to say that we are still looking for more Scottish icon stories. The new deadline date is now the end of January, so let your muses inspire you and start scribbling. We’ve already got a dozen stories/articles/poems but we’re looking for more for our prospective book. Even if you have done one, have a go at another. Remember there are no constraints on these. They can be fiction or non fiction, poetry or short story and up to 3000 words in length. If you have any please email them to the following address calzacgwc@gmail.com

Oh a special shout out to Tony who published his ‘Lincoln’s Spy’ book over the festive season and to Edith and Morris who each published/are publishing their collection of short stories.

Ho Hum, onwards and upwards.