Last night the club donned its collective editing hat and turned its attention to the charming story of two kittens, Lucifer and Gallifrey, penned by the ever imaginative Franziska. The story unfolded the early life of the aforementioned felines as they journeyed to the home of their new mistress. Told from the cats point of view the story was not only a hit with club members but many felt the mischievous adventures of the furry duo could prove popular with a wider audience. Indeed it could even be expanded into a series of feline tales.

Everyone was very positive about the story and even came up with some useful suggestions as to how it could be improved upon. It was hard to find anything to criticise, just a few things here or there, which were duly passed on to Franziska. As one club member put they had to descend to nit-picking to have anything negative to say about it. There was one suggestion from Isobel that did make everyone laugh. A new title, ‘A Tale of Two Kitties!’ Once again everyone present participated in the process which is very encouraging, so much thanks to one and all!

After tea the group split into two with a committee meeting taking place at one end of the table (as the main hall was locked) while the rest engaged in a writing exercise based on the number 29.

Remember we are still trying to see how many Scottish stories/articles/poems we can get for a possible book. We are no longer being constrained by the term ‘Icon” so anything Scottish will do. Even if you have done one already why not have a go at another. Remember there are no constraints on these. They can be fiction or non fiction, poetry or short story and up to 3000 words in length (40 lines for a poem). If you have any (including the recent competition entries) please email them to the following address .

Oh well onwards and upwards.