Last night guest adjudicator Karl Pittom, rugby fan, drama teacher and one-time extra in a Eurovision prom video (‘A Yodel in the Canyon of Love!’), gave us the benefit of his expertise in judging the six entries in our Scottish sketch competition.

El Presidente, Grahame, kicked off proceedings by asking Karl ‘if he knew what he was doing’ which strangely enough put everyone at ease. Go figure? Anyway the former ‘Lookout Theatre’ writer and performer Karl shared his expertise and love for the world of the drama with club members. His diligence knew no bounds as, in order to get the full measure of them, he read all the scripts both drunk and sober!!!

Ahhhhhh such commitment to one’s art. Arruff!

Karl also talked about how actors can do things wrong but that eventually via a collaborative process a better script can emerge. Food for thought for a club (committed to making us better writers) as we get set to perform the plays next week. Perhaps next year we might incorporate the sketch performances into the writing process by having them before the adjudication?

After tea Grahame, eh I mean El Presidente drove Karl to the station while the rest of us cast characters in the sketches to be performed next week (in absentia Graham got cast several times! Arruff!).

Anyway next week should prove a riotous night if the flavour of the scripts from last night are anything to go by.

Onwards and Upwards.


And the winners were:

1st place …………. On the Waterfront by Mary McCue

2nd place ………….. At the Checkout by Tony Watt

3rd place ………….. The Day the Smoking Room closed by David McKelvie


As the adjudicator Karl said, the other entries too were worthy of mention and they were:

My Inside home by Sarah

East Coast Outing to Weiggieland by Leslie (sorry if I spelled that wrong)

Girl Talk by Edith.

Onwards and Upwards.