Once upon a time, what now seems like a long time ago, back on 7 February we were visited by Jack Muir and his better half Evie. And here they were again clasping 9 fantastic sketches for our delight and delectation. So when does a sketch become a drama? When does a comedy become a farce?

From three little maids to toasted tomatoes in togas we had rhyme, a talking cheese, wee sardine sarnies, bluebells, apologies, incontinence pads, collaborations, flashing lights, handbags and fur coats. It was a fully interactive evening. Even if you hadn’t entered the competition you were pounced on to read a part. Not all the sketches were performed which was a shame but time and logistics sometimes get in the way of a good time. Can we do them at another meeting? It’s not often that Digby finds himself upstaged but, as the man said, never work with animals or children.

Congrats to all who entered. The placings were as follows:

1st place….That’s show business by Anthony Watt

2nd place…Cold water by Isobel Watt

3rd place…Burying Granny by Jax Leck & Sarah Dolan