John McLean, our resident droll, regaled us all with a selection of his idiosyncratic, irreverent and irrepressible wit and humour. No subject was off limits, from religion and politics to the more embarrassing parts of the human body, John showed no mercy. From elephants in stockings to multi-testiculated moluscs; for John it was all just a load of balls! Arruff!

John also shared some tips for humorous writing. For example how he often started with the punch-line then worked his way backwards. I’ve listed some of his punchlines below – see if you can form the rest of the joke yourself.


‘Pardon me boy, is that the cat that chewed my new shoes?’

‘What’s a nice kid(goat) like you doing in a plaice(fish) like this?’

John shared other tips on writing humour such as ‘always bear in mind your target audience’ as to fail to do so runs the risk of your jokes being missed or falling flat. And another tip was ‘try not to be too smart,’ for we all have a lot more in common when it comes to humour than you think.

After tea there was a committee meeting (more of that to be announced later) and Anne took over proceedings with some flash fiction from a kit supplied by by the ever resourceful Isobel.

There was also some joke of John’s about being distracted by … eh certain practices… during the course of ones regular activities.

Hmmm must be a human thing.

IT COULD never




Oh well

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