It was all fun and games tonight at Greenock Writers’. It started well with many of the new faces from last week returning. We were surprised they came back ;0)  (sometimes life is stranger than fiction!)

Lesley Holligan taxed our brains by giving each group of two people a poem cut up into single lines – the main aim of the exercise was to see if we could reassemble the poem as it was written. I think only one or two out of nine groups managed it.

Next we had a food quiz. Part of what we do in our writers club is create different exercises to stimulate the brain. Sometimes we do a quiz on a subject or we create characters, places and plots out of specialist dice that we roll. Other times someone you pair with creates one name and you create another and then you could be tasked with writing a 250 word flash fiction story based on the word. It’s all valid and worth trying as the stories created can be very very creative.

Next we had a reading from 3rd place winner Grahame Anderson of our Science Fiction competition. He read 3000 words about the exploits of the first manned mission to Mars.

Next week we will be hearing from renowned Author Shari Low.  We will also be discussing the upcoming year of information from SAW – Scottish Association of Writers