Rosemary Gemmell enthrals the members of Greenock Writers’ Club

Tonight was first competition of the new season submission night. Members had to write a 3000 word short story which had to have a recipe in it but not for food. It will be interesting to hear the variety of stories our members concoct for the prize of the Annual Summer Competition Trophy.

Our guest speaker was Author Rosemary Gemmell. Rosemary came along to give members an insight on how to market and submit stories to various publications. In great detail she gave us a wealth of information and advice on the different ways that stories had to be written or they just wouldn’t be accepted.  She also gave members a handout with key information regarding publishers.

Next Rosemary talked about self-publishing and how all members could take advantage of this modern phenomenon. She demonstrated with some of her own publications that she had published directly online

Rosemary talked of her latest book Highland Lass

Other books by Rosemary and her Pseudonym Romy Gemmell

End of the Road

Beneath the Treetops



The Aphrodite Touch (The Aphrodite and Adonis Series, book 1)

The Adonis Touch (The Aphrodite and Adonis Series, book 2)

Mischief at Mulberry Manor