Everyone has a story to tell

We believe everyone has their own story. We all live unique lives and in doing so we experience things, sometimes worth noting and at other times best forgetting.
To a writer, however, it is all worth remembering. Observing and recording the detail. It's the good and the bad, the wonderful and the painful that makeup all our daily lives. When writing takes a hold of you, you have to create reality by showing both sides of your story.
If you want to write and to meet others who have the same interest then take the bold step of contacting us. Please note we are not all expert writers. We are a very mixed group with poets, short story and budding novelists. You don't have to be academically qualified you just have to want to write.



January 16th 2019 – Peer Editing Workshop 2

Continuing on from last week’s fairytales and folktales … there was a mouse in the house. John McLean introduced us to Mathew Longtail, the field mouse, and his search for suitable “Winter Quarters”. Let’s not mention Mr Rags, the scarecrow, who had been voted “outstanding in his field” . Did the field mouse survive […]

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January 9th 2019 – Adjudication: Short Story – Modern Fairy Tale

It’s a new year and time to register for the SAW conference; enter one of their competitions (closing date this Saturday); pay David for your Christmas copies of Greenock Writers’ anthology; pop along to Anne Pettigrew’s launch; sign up for OKFest in March (see Isobel); and/or think about recording your memoirs with Paul Bristol of […]

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December 12th 2018 – Christmas Party

2018 drew to a close with our traditional Xmas party at GWC. We began with a game of ‘Call My Bluff’ and I for one would like to offer my contrafibularities to our ever resourceful host, Ian Taylor, on a job well done. With Lesley supplying the blu-tack, Ian adorned the bowling club room with […]

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December 5th – Recycling Ideas

New Year is just around the corner. Bagsy a couple of ideas you might fancy as your Scottish icons. Thanks Anne and Isobel for the lists.

Christmas is coming and who doesn’t like receiving rubbish? Thanks to Alan Walker for the gifts, delivered via our own FC (John). Despite member apologies, we had a full house […]

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November 28th 2018 – Sir Walter Scott: Scottish Night – Ian Taylor

Last night our resident Englishman and Scotophile, Ian Taylor, gave us all a comprehensive view of the life and times of the legendary writer Sir Walter Scott. Not content with mere encyclopedic knowledge (wikipedia is not sufficient for this scholar), he carried out detailed research on his own to provide a truly accurate picture of […]

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November 21st 2018 – Flash Shakespeare Guess the Play – David McKelvie

Shakespeare night at Greenock writers club did not disappoint. Presided over by the ever diligent David McKenzie with his encyclopedic knowledge of the great bard, we were both entertained and enlightened on just how great a writer he was. David prepared not a just one or two part quiz, but a five parter, including speaking […]

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November 14th 2018 – Adjudication Short Story (Teen YA fiction) Pauline Bonnar

Well it was adjudication time in the clubhouse last night when we were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of Young Adult/teen fiction. Arruff! Guest Adjudicator was former member, part-time writer, committed teacher, and full time mother Pauline Bonnar.

As a Special Education teacher Pauline stressed the important role that literature can play with young teens these […]

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October 31st 2018 – Freaks and Frights Halloween Party

Well the ghostly spectre of Halloween was with us again last night and the usual suspects brushed off their fancy dress get-ups. John Mclean bounced in in a Tiger onesie, Isobel/Sherlock was in presiding/elementary mode and Lesley was either having a very bad make-up day or a very good one – Scary Face (she’s my […]

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October 24th 2018 – Peer Editing Workshop 1

Ghost-dog Digby back again, silently moving amongst you in my never ending pursuit of blogging excellence. Arruff! The evening began with Mary reading her 2nd placed story ‘Anna’ from the ‘Close Encounter’ competition, soon to be available on a website near you along with the other winners (see below).

Thereafter an evening of editing excellence […]

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October 17th 2018 – Adjudication Short Story (Close Encounter)

Lovely to welcome Rosemary Gemmell, and her husband Simon, and their writing friend Katrina, along to the group. Rosemary has been getting close up and ‘pencilly’ (that’s one of my invented words not hers!) with the entries for our first competition of the season. Congratulations if you entered. Rosemary said she had been surprised at […]

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