Everyone has a story to tell

We believe everyone has their own story. We all live unique lives and in doing so we experience things, sometimes worth noting and at other times best forgetting.
To a writer, however, it is all worth remembering. Observing and recording the detail. It's the good and the bad, the wonderful and the painful that makeup all our daily lives. When writing takes a hold of you, you have to create reality by showing both sides of your story.
If you want to write and to meet others who have the same interest then take the bold step of contacting us. Please note we are not all expert writers. We are a very mixed group with poets, short story and budding novelists. You don't have to be academically qualified you just have to want to write.



October 17th 2018 – Adjudication Short Story (Close Encounter)

Lovely to welcome Rosemary Gemmell, and her husband Simon, and their writing friend Katrina, along to the group. Rosemary has been getting close up and ‘pencilly’ (that’s one of my invented words not hers!) with the entries for our first competition of the season. Congratulations if you entered. Rosemary said she had been surprised at […]

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October 10th 2018 – The Life of John Paul Jones

Ghost-dog Digby reporting for duty, in spirit at least. Well at least this way no-one can ‘Blame the Dog’. As it turned out last night’s meeting was not only an ‘odorous incident’ free occasion but embodied an atmosphere charged with the smell of gunpowder and daring-do, brought to us on a salty wind courtesy of […]

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October 3rd 2018 – Dynamic Dialogue – Anthony Watt

Great to hear about Dave Watson’s successes – good luck with the nomination and if we sit next to you will the gold dust rub off?

It was quiz, quotes and covers with Tony Watt. “Thanks for nominating me to do a workshop, Colette” he said. “You’re welcome” she said. Tony had brought along some interesting […]

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September 26th 2018 – Teen Fiction Workshop – Colette Hannigan

With reference to The Hunger Games, A Monster Calls, Harry Potter and The Book Thief, Colette revealed some of the characteristics of successful female characters in teen fiction. There were some interesting questions from the group. If you are thinking of entering the next competition good luck and you might want to consider some of […]

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September 19th 2018 – Scottish Association of Writers: Planning Ahead

Its a dogs life and no mistake. Not that I’m complaining it does have its compensations: swanning about all day, regular petting and of course abundant supplies of Scooby snacks. But there is one thing that gets my goat. It’s whenever someone breaks wind. The response from humans is always the same, like Macavity, they […]

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September 12th 2018 – Quiz – Writing Fiction Workshop – Love Story 3

Digby here, or rather not, since I couldn’t make it in person to the GWC this week. So I sent my alter-ego ‘Ghost Dog’ along, which was probably just as well as the room was pretty packed. The meeting began with some good news re Cathy McPhail, who seems a wee bit better. Everyone sent […]

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September 5th 2018 – Welcome and Introduction

So many introductions, and so many lovely familiar and smiley new faces … We were 23 in total (plus one dog). We needed more chairs and more tables. Were there going to be enough tea mugs to go round? Mhairi got the comfy chair in the naughty corner. Lesley moved on to the throne. Grahame, […]

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April 18th – Annual Dinner

Another year at our writing club ended with our annual dinner at the Tontine Hotel where our guest Fiona McFadzean gave her adjudication on the final competition of the season; a love story with a twist. The evening went swimmingly (apart from a minor fiasco involving a possible mix-up of cheese and apple crumble).

Our departing […]

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April 11th 2018 – Fun Night: A Pie, a Pint and a Poem

The evening began with readings of poetry, some home grown, others people’s favourites. To start with we had ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’ by Robert Service ably read by our resident bard John McLean. We then had Daves sci-fi version of ‘Tam O’Shatner’ and David gave us ‘The Paraffin Lamp’.

A wide selection of […]

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April 4th 2018 – Club Reading Night:Bring along your best work

This week the good folks of GWC brought along selections of their very on writing, what they had wrote. And read it out loud! So many voices. For all to hear. Now generally speaking all humans sound pretty much the same to me, except for Lesley and Ian (they’re my favourites), but not tonight! Arruff! […]

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