Well it was adjudication time in the clubhouse last night when we were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of Young Adult/teen fiction. Arruff! Guest Adjudicator was former member, part-time writer, committed teacher, and full time mother Pauline Bonnar.

As a Special Education teacher Pauline stressed the important role that literature can play with young teens these days. At a time when childhood is becoming a thing of the past and there is a greater need for positive role models than ever before, fiction can help teens explore their own issues, remind them that they are not alone and inspire them to greater things.

As to the stories themselves? There were tales of bullying, orphaned siblings, solar system fantasies and gang initiations. There were some intelligent rats (which I personally found a bit scary), magical winds and who could forget ‘Hairy Vharie Barrie’- a young girl with rhyming obsessed parents and facial hair problems. We can all sympathise with that. Arruff!

Special mention goes to Tony’s true story of the first female detective Kate Warne, who saved the life of a President Lincoln once and was busy saving President to be (Ulysses S. Grant) when the second successful assassination of Lincoln took place. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

The winners (of course everyone’s a winner really) were:

1st Place………….: Anthony Watt (We Never Sleep)

2nd Place…………: Leslie Holligan (An Excitement of Rats)

3rd Place…………: Colette Hannigan (Jenny)

There was one quote from one of the stories that I thought summed the whole evening up and why we all love stories so much. ‘Books don’t judge.’

Oh well onwards and upwards especially for Anne who is on the mend and up on crutches!