Shakespeare night at Greenock writers club did not disappoint. Presided over by the ever diligent David McKenzie with his encyclopedic knowledge of the great bard, we were both entertained and enlightened on just how great a writer he was. David prepared not a just one or two part quiz, but a five parter, including speaking parts for some. And all on coloured paper to boot! Arruff!

We started off with a biographical quiz on the man from Stratford upon Avon (one of the answers). Alas all I knew about was his sister (showing my age there) but Helen (with a cunningly disguised complete works) managed to slip me a few answers. A nods’s as good as a wink to a bind dog. Arruff!

Identifying the plays what Shakespeare wrote was the next part and proved trickier than you’d think. We all knew about ‘Love’s Labours Lost’ but who knew about ‘Love’s Labours Won’? Then it was a case of match the synopsis to the play. Well we all brushed up our Shakespeare but our winners and would be Hamlets and Cleopatra’s were Tony, Isobel and Jaks. But a big shout out to all our other Othella’s who were still, I think a hell of a fella’s. Arruff!

Oh, Grahame’s book ‘The Lighthouse Keepers’ is now officially out there…. Horray!

If members are interested (and who wouldn’t be) Grahame can get you a discounted author’s copy.

Oh well onwards and upwards.



Below are the winners from the Teen Fiction competition