This week was the adjudication of the first competition of the year: a short story (2500 – 3000) words along the theme of ‘A Classic Western’. The guest adjudicators were Jacklin Murray and Fiona McFadzean (in absentia), both members of the SAW Council. As a special treat, there were to be cash prizes available to the top three places (due to Greenock Writer’s Club’s participation in the adjudication of a SAW sketch competition previously). In any event there was a healthy number of entries (at least a dozen) and the comments provided by the SAW representatives were both insightful and helpful.

The results of the adjudication were:16comp1western16756litec

  • 1st: Anne Pettigrew, with ‘Little Lost Bird’

  • 2nd: Anthony Watt, with ‘Seven Men to Make a Shadow’

  • 3rd: Mhairi Gilchrist, with ‘Who Shot Jesse James?’




There were also three commendations:16comp1westerncommendations16758liteb

    • Franziska Kerber, with ‘Where’s My Horse, Joe?’
    • Sarah L. Dolan, with ‘A Patient for Improvement’
    • Graham Robertson, with ‘Dig These Graves’

Anne got presented with the GWC Annual Summer Competition trophy and then we listened to Anne’s story (very sad), to Tony’s story (very bitter), and to Graham’s story (very funny).  They were all extremely different in tone but really enjoyable. At the close of proceedings boxes of chocolates were presented to the SAW representatives along with a big thank you.