Last night the ying and yang of GWC took over proceedings; otherwise known as the Isobel and Tony show’ Arruff! Isobel began with some inspiration writing on a hope and a prayer. Members were encouraged to write about dreams and hopes for a) ourselves b) someone close to us c) someone we were at odds with or d) none of the above. A good exercise as it is not always easy to write about something so personal. There were a mixed bag of efforts with Edith’s stabbing of a ne’er-do-well really twisting the knife on this challenge. Way to go Edith, though you know you’ve got issues, right? Arruff!

Things lightened up with Tony’s quiz, themed on literary, movie and musical dreamers. Congrats to Fiona who won what appeared to be a giant jelly baby. Now if it had been a giant scooby snack I’d have tried harder or at least tied to copy Fona’s answers. Arruff!

After tea it was pantomime time despite a few cries of ‘Oh no it’s not’. Tony has over 30 years experience in this uniquely British institution and gave us a handout detailing the do’s and don’t’s of pantomime etiquette. Tragedy is easy (they say) but comedy that’s hard. So of course Tony got us to writing pantomime. Helpfully he did give us four scenes to choose from and we paired off to give our GWC slant to Cinderella and co. From ugly sister politics of Gough and Rees-Mogg, to mixed up identities, big pants and Preparation H in a Tesco car park it was all a bit of a hoot. I was particularly impressed with some of the west cost dialogue, there was even talk of a major spin-off pantomime project from it all. Arruff!

Just a quick reminder to say we are still looking for your Scottish Icon stories for a prospective book. Even if you have done one for the competition why not have a go at another. Remember there are no constraints on these. They can be fiction or non fiction, poetry or short story and up to 3000 words in length. If you have any please email them to the following address

Ho Hum, onwards and upwards.

PS Next week is the final submission date for your under 7’s Christmas themed stories.

PPS Congrats to our team of Dave, David, Anne and someone else, who came third in the Rotary quiz. Hey I’m a dog I can’t remember everything!

Below is Edith receiving her certificate for her Honourable Mention in the short story inspired by a picture competition.