Tonight we started the evening of the presentation of prizes from our Classic Wester Competition. In first place was Ann Pettigrew with her harrowing story based on true events at ‘The Battle of Wounded Knee.’ Her story had the members on the edge of their seats. A very sad story beautifully written.

Ann Pettigrew presented by club President Ian Taylor

Ann Pettigrew receives her certificate for 1st place with her harrowing story based on true events from the Battle of Wounded Knee. Her story ‘Little Lost Bird’ had members transfixed

Second Place went to writer Tony Watt

Tony Watt and Ian Taylor

Tony Watt wins 2nd Place with his story ‘Seven men to make a shadow’

Third Place went to writer Mhairi Gilchrist

Mhairi Gilchrist and Ian Taylor

Mhairi Gilchrist wins 3rd Place with her story ‘Who Shot Jesse James?’
Mhairi receives her certificate and cheque from club President Ian Taylor

There members were given Commendations for their entries. Sarah L. Dolan receives her certificate

Sarah L. Dolan

Sarah L. Dolan, received a commendation of her story with ‘A Patient for Improvement


The evening was a fascinating workshop on ‘Action and Dialect’  Isobel Watt our Club Secretary challenged us all with words from the Concise Scots Dictionary – (If you can call 1000 pages concise).

The members were split up into twos and threes and had to work out the meanings of words and what ensued was a guess the real meaning – almost like Blankety Blank. A very interesting talk overall and thanks to Isobel for so putting so much effort into creating her workshop.  All members would agree it was a night of learning – a must for a Writers’ group.