The annual dress up night for members – Hallowe’en.

A fun evening was had by all as members read from their own written scary stories and also short pieces from horror writers down the centuries. A selection of poems ‘on the dark side’ were read out as each member round the table had their chance to highlight what horror stories they preferred.

After tea we continued with an exercise in Flash Fiction the creativity round the table excelling once again.

Lesley and Sarah ready for some Hallowe’en fun


Blood drinking Vampires and chained up ghouls courtesy of Francisca and Lesley


From dancing the Charleston to joking around – Edith and Isobel having fun


Is there a doctor in the house? No but we have our very own nurse dressed as a witch. Why do witches wear name badges? So you can tel which witch is which ;0)


Anyone looking for some extras for a Michael Jackson video – look no further. Members of Greenock Writers having fun


Our very own Mexican carpet fitter. Underlay underlay! David McKelvie thinking he’s Clint ;0)