After last week’s presentation on Teen Fiction this week presenter Colette Hannigan asked the members who had participated in the homework to present the characters they had created who would interest teens.

As we went round the members it was clear that our imaginations had been stirred by this genre. We had characters that were telekinetic, social media driven, inventors and disabled.


Each member then read out their 200 words to give a flavour of what their story could be about. We split up into groups and discussed the different stories then voted on the ones that would represent each group. We then had a small critique section where we wrote two positives of each story and one ‘how we think it would improve’ point.

The members very quickly were involved whilst Colette finished the presentation on screen.

An enjoyable evening had by all. Very informative and creative.


Classic Western Submission

Tonight was the deadline for the first of our six annual competitions. Our members had to write a Classic Western between 2000 and 3000 words. It was well received as a genre with twelve members submitting their work.