Well last night began in the (new) normal fashion of things as Ian explained the unexpected presence of a snazzy blue suit cover as his background of choice. But then Franziska’s cats took centre stage proving the truism that while dogs may have masters cats surely have staff! We also welcomed a new member Dawn, a would be writer, looking for motivation to exercise her creative muses. Well GWC is nothing if not encouraging and stimulating as events later would demonstrate! Anyway Ann’s presentation on book covers finally got under way (courtesy of Norman to the rescue) and we were regaled by a fascinating account of how book covers have changed over the years. In addition her slide show (soon to be available at a website near you) gave lots of genre specific tips for any would be colourists and graphic designers out there.

After a metaphorical tea and bickies break, members shared their own selection of book covers which meant something to them. Colette shared her joy at ‘sharing beds’ (insert your own innuendo exclamation here) while from the tranquillity of her bedroom Laurie enthused about sick puppies and dolphin murders (or was it murderers?). From Shmitz’s Cat to Hermen Hesse’s Gertrude, so many books, so little time. Even the power of non-fiction covers was demonstrated by the magnificent edifice of Weymss Bay station and the stark simplicity of The Cross of Lorrain.

Full of the eclectic and the curious, our members book related knowledge never ceases to amaze, for instance Anne revealed that the bible is made from real olives! David shared memories of binding French Counts in Moroccan green and Grahame offered the ever useful plot advice of ‘Don’t Kill The Cat!) – apparently readers won’t stand for it.

They say nostalgia ain’t what it used to be but even my humble, battered and bemused ego was left reminiscing in the world of Ignatius J. Reilly and the perils to a soul lacking proper geometry and theology! So if you haven’t already taken the plunge then why not try downloading Zoom and joining in the chocolate box that is GWC. Don’t fret about the technicalities, we had a couple of audio onlys last night and besides El Technio Grahame is always on hand to help out.

The next Zoom meeting is in two weeks time on 21st Oct where Colette will host the adjudication of the seasons first competition ‘A Crime Story’ so hopefully see you all there. Grahame will no doubt send out invitations to one and all,

Ho Hum, onwards and upwards.