An evening of editing excellence commenced with David McKelvie’s thought provoking story ‘A Roll of the Dice’ which delved into that Kafkaesque world of dreams and/or the supernatural. In any event it was an intriguing effort, reflecting fears for our own mortality. After David read out his story, some members read out their comments and suggestions while others were content to just to pass their comments to David at the end of the proceedings. I believe everyone present participated in the process which is very encouraging, so much thanks to one and all!

Hopefully everyone found it a stress-free and positive experience. David himself was very grateful for all contributions from members and is enthused about re-editing his story. This was the first of the three Peer Editing workshops planned for the current season, so if anyone has any suggestions about how to improve the process please let me know.

After tea Grahame led us in a flash fiction exercise focusing on Halloween and ‘galoshans’ the Greenock term for guising. The results as usual showed off the dark underbelly of GWC’s psyche to a disturbing extent. From John McLean’s method acting ‘Long John Silver’ cutting off his own leg to Tony’s insight into the origin of the expression ‘Pull the other one’, apparently they used to kick a corpse to check if it was dead! Paul shared some dark dreich childhood memories of monkey nuts and Anita the drag queen and of course some members went off on tangents from galoshes to Galatians. Ho hum I put it down to modern spell-checkers.

Next week is the adjudication of the season’s first competition, a short story inspired by a picture with guest adjudicator Pauline Bonnar. Also it is the deadline for the Scottish Icon article so remember to bring yours along and pass it on to Colette.

Onwards and Upwards.