Digby Dog: ghost writer here today. The real me is in a transcendental state induced by the the loss of three of my knashers. Have no fear though fellow scribblers I will continue to champion GWC, even down to the last tooth! Anyway to business El Preso Grahame announced some free creative writing classes in Paisley Central Library in the Lagoon for anyone interested. I wonder if they throw in free swimming lessens too? Also Dave Watson has a publisher for his latest novel ‘Adonis Ion’ . Hope I got the name right, still a bit groggy from the anaesthetic. If anyone else is publishing/promoting anything contact Dave who will get it on our facebook page.

The first part of the evening was dominated by the reading of some more of the winning memoirs from last seasons final competition. Mary McCue read her ‘Annus Horribilis‘ a compelling tale detailing a year in the life of a pituitary tumour. It was a journey that began with unheeded shoe size changes and would turn the tables on a radiographer who would be prodded, poked and photographed. And experiencing pain, as she put it, like a balaclava full of jackhammers. Ultimately even a benign tumour reminds us all of our human fragility.

Colette’s tale was the family holiday of a young girl in Milport. Like those blue remembered hills it certainly rang a bell with any who had taken the fabled ferry from Largs to the sceptred isle of Bute. Those were simpler times with eight people crammed into a van and no room for health & safety. It was also chuck full of exploring rockpools, sibling races, and the joy of just swinging on a swing. But amidst the ubiquitous cycle round the island looking for the Red Indian on the rock and shouting back the echo was her ever present Dad. Reminding us all what family holidays are truly about. Ah when I was a puppy…Sniff. Oh dear I seem to have something in my eye, must be a bit of dirt or something. Arruf!

After tea we had a Sci-fi writing exercise inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landings. Isobel read Nixon’s unread speech written for an unsuccessful mission, the it was off to the gaming tables with the character dice to decide our protagonists character. As usual GWC came up with the weird and wonderful from dead judges to celestial harpists, and from coffee racketeers to blunder buses (no, I didn’t get that one either). Some sketchy stories then followed. My favourite was the NASA janitor who accidentally hoovered up some moondust and later spread it over his garden crops with remarkable results. Arruff!

Next week features some stuff on Scottish Icons, planning ahead for Saw and there should be time to read out a few of the completed flash fiction sci-fi stories. So keep writing!


Onwards and Upwards.

Below are Helen and Leslie being presented with a token, at last weeks meeting, for their long standing work on the GWC committee.