Digby here, though still only in spirit. But on the mend and eating well, that’s always a good sign. Last night our mad hatter Grahame donned his SAW ‘President of Vice’ headgear to give as all a heads up on the SAW prospectus detailing all their competitions for the coming season. Lots of info on lots of stuff. Too much for my poor doggy brain to cope with I’m afraid. There were, I think, 5 open competitions (mainly for novels), closing date November sometime, so unless you write under the pseudonym ‘Speedy Gonzalez’…

Fortunately though the other short story/poem competitions give you till January-ish. Thankfully Graham will email a full copy of the Saw competition’s ‘must knows’ as soon as it’s available. Oh and a big congrats to Anne Pettigrew for her recent spread in the Glasgow Herald Magazine promoting her latest novel.

The Saw conference on March 20 – 22 (you see I do remember some dates) is well worth a visit and not just for the scrumptious Scoobie snacks! Arruff! Apart from the competitions there are more workshops than you can throw a stick at, or indeed retrieve one from. The tantalising titles range from the pragmatic ‘More with Less’ and the challenging ‘Writing for the Dyslexic’ to the enigmatic ‘The Past is Another Country’ and the last one I didn’t quite catch ‘ The most important thing you will ever….”

Before or possible after tea (I was distracted by Helen’s birthday cake) members read out some of their Sci-Fi flash fiction they started last week. We had Flat-Earthers going off the deep end, android love amidst the dumsters, and my personal favourite, the sci-fi-noir exploits of Colt Tracer, java hound! But a word of warning fellow scribblers NEVER, EVER get on a bus with Isobel… I’m just saying. Arruf!

Isobel rounded off the evening with a discussion of Scottish Icons, providing lots of handouts for inspiration. She also recommended Bill Bryson’s book ‘Icons of England’ as much as for being a good read as a muse. There is a competition for a non-fiction article (800 -1000 words) due on Oct 16. But the idea is to widen this out ie to write fiction or non-fiction, articles/stories/poems on Scottish Icons. Members could write several Scottish Icons of various lengths and these could all be incorporated into a book. Anyway if members send these entries to Morris at Calzacgwc@gmail.com, he will collate them and there will be a little discussion on 4th Dec to see where we’re at.

NB) Competition entries for the Scottish Icon competition should still be handed to Colette on Oct 16th as usual.

Onwards and Upwards.