This week we had the delight to welcome back our Honorary President, Catherine MacPhail. With her for the first time was her son, David MacPhail, a successful author in his own right.

Cathy and David MacPhail

David and Catherine MacPhail

Cathy and David gave us an insight into the lives of two working busy authors and how they each approached their work on a day to day basis. Cathy has a very structured approach but doesn’t do daily word count whereas David let us know he was obsessed with word counts and analytics for every part of the publishing world.

The gave us helpful information about how to become noticed as an author and that ultimately it was perseverance and dogged determination that led to them being discovered by the publishing world.

Cathy told us how one of her more recent books ‘The Evil Within’ (the story of how young Henry Jekyll became Mr. Hyde) was written at a very fast pace the majority of the story coming to her over a three-day period. (See book here)

Cathy has also recently completed another book, published earlier this year, ‘Between The Lies’  (See Book Here).

Cathy and David proved themselves a bit of a comedy double act, bouncing comments off each other very comfortably.  David told us how, after many years striving to be noticed, he was finally talent-spotted after being placed in a competition. His success with his story ‘Yeti on the loose’ (See Book Here)  finally propelled him into the sights of literary agents which then opened many doors for him.

His follow-up books (a series of six)  are the story of young Thorfinn the nicest Viking (See Books Here)  which have gone down a storm with kids up and down the country.

David’s most recent release is his latest character ‘Top Secret Grandad’  (See Book Here) released July 2017.

Cathy then explained to the members about a project they have been working on co-writing a book which has not been released yet titled ‘The White Feather’.  They explained the story  about two brothers in the first world war and how one of them, branded a coward for not following orders, was then shot by his own men. The sickening thing being that many of these men were just boys, seventeen years of age, living long before the days where post-traumatic stress disorder and other such conditions were recognised.

The story’s main theme is about cowardice and was very intriguing. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you too much as it is still in the hands of the publishers, so no spoilers here. (this is a good reason why you should join our writers’ club to enjoy all these things first hand).

Suffice to say the members were enthralled with what we were told and Cathy and David will have a number of pre-bookings on this book for sure. The excitement for them is to work as a mother and son, co-authoring a book which both of them are enjoying seeing how the other works and trying to join the two styles of writing together.

We look forward to their next visit – singularly or as a duet – either one will do.