SAW Presentation

Our SAW (Scottish Association of Writers) representative, Lesley Holligan, gave the members an overview of SAW the organisation and the Calendar of events, competition and Annual Conference for the next twelve months.  There’s plenty of competitions to test out experienced and novice writers. The workshops at Annual Conference are worth going to as many well known Scottish writers have developed their skills and their network of contacts through their membership of SAW.


Leslie Holligan our SAW representative

Teen Fiction

Our second presentation of the evening was from Colette Hannigan who gave us an insight into Teen Fiction. This is one of the hardest genres to write for but it is a growing market so worth the effort.

Colette exposed us to the top ten selling teen fiction and explained what was more important to teenage boys and what teenage girls were reading.  She then dissected three of the most popular teen fiction stories which included Twilight, Hunger Games and The Fault in our Stars.

Her insight into these stories and the authors was very interesting. The appetite for new stories beyond the normal is what interests teens today.


Colette Hannigan presenting Teen Fiction

Colette finished by giving the members an exercise to create a character that teens would be interested in for next week’s meeting.

A very interesting night for all.

If you have that book in you and not sure where to go?  Why not come along and visit our club. We are a very friendly bunch all with an interest in storytelling. We are all at different levels so no one ever feels uncomfortable. Don’t just sit there, give us a call.