Hello all! Digby here your resident canine commentator on the enthusiastic machinations of the Greenock Writers Club – which at times can make Brexit look like a piece of cake. Mmmmmm Cake! Arruf! Oh sorry where was I? Oh yes, El Presidente, Grahame, kicked off proceedings by welcoming one and all ( including some new members) to another season of GWC. Once more into the breach fellow scribblers, time to blow the dust of your keyboards and get the old creative juices flowing! Arruf! Colette our hard-working competitions convener gave a brief resume of the six upcoming competitions and David McKelvie passed round a selection of photos for inspiration for the first of the competitions, a short story inspired by a photo or painting.

Helen Heffernan read out her 2nd placed entry from last years final competition – a Mémoire. The Great Australian Adventure certainly made us forget the dour Scottish weather. We were soon sweltering in the Ozzy sunshine and assailed by a plethora of antipodean creatures, from scary spiders and road-kill roos to petite penguins and tiger moths. (Not entirely sure about the last one). Anyway a captivating story that demonstrated the lengths people will go to just to avoid buying an umbrella!

With a little time left over Graham set a short writing exercise on the word September, prompting a wide variety of responses and demonstrating Graham’s argument that there is no such thing as writer’s block.

Next week we have a couple more memoirs to look forward to plus Grahame, in honour of the moon landings, will be leading us in some Sci-Fi creative activity. Though of course as we all know dogs were in space long before man – just saying.

Onwards and Upwards.


Below are some pics of Tony, Helen and Colette receiving their certificates for last years competition, a memoir.