September 5th
Welcome & Introductions / Ice-breakers/Love Story 2
Grahame Anderson
GWC Competition Guidelines / Peer Assessment Guidelines
Colette Hannigan / Morris Lindsay

September 12
Quiz / Writing Fiction Workshop / Love Story 3
Isobell Watt

September 19
Scottish Association of Writers: Planning Ahead
Lesley Holligan/ Members
Submit Competition 1: Short Story (Close Encounter)

September 26
Teen Fiction Workshop
Colette Hannigan

October 3
Dynamic Dialogue
Anthony Watt

October 10
The Life of John Paul Jones
Guest Speaker: Lynne Chambers
Flash Fiction Exercise

October 17
Adjudication: Competition 1
Guest adjudicator: Rosemary Gemmell
Submit Competition 2: Short Story (Teen / Young Adult)

October 24
Peer Editing Workshop 1
Morris Lindsay / members

October 31
Freaks and Frights: Hallowe’en Party
Reading of Ghostly Flash Fiction
(Fancy dress optional)

November 7
Modern Fairy Tales: Workshop
Lesley Holligan

November 14
Adjudication: Competition 2
Guest adjudicator: Pauline Bonnar
Submit Competition 3: Article (Modern Fairy Tale)

November 21
Flash Shakespeare: Guess the Play
David McKelvie

November 28
Sir Walter Scott: Scottish Night
Ian Taylor
Creative Writing Activity

December 5
Recycling Ideas
Guest speaker: Alan Walker

December 12
Christmas Party/ Call My Bluff
Book Swap / Raffle
Ian Taylor / Members



January 9
Adjudication: Competition 3
Guest adjudicator: Theresa Donnelly

January 16
Peer Editing Workshop 2
Morris Lindsay / members

January 23
Scottish Sketch Workshop
Guest speaker: Karl Pittom
Submit Competition 4: Poem (Recycling Plastics)

January 30
Burns Night
Edith Sanders

February 6
Workshop: Writing Prompts
Grahame Anderson

February 13
Working in Collaboration
Sarah L Dolan
Valentine’s Day Poetry

February 20
Adjudication: Competition 4
Guest adjudicator: Jennifer Higgins
Submit Competition 5: Scottish Sketch (Tourist Guide)

February 27
Writing Your Memoirs
Guest Speaker: Mary Edward

March 6
Cracking a Joke: Witty Writing (Trophy for Humour)
John McLean / members
Committee meeting (after tea) / Flash Fiction

March 13
Peer Editing Workshop 3
Morris Lindsay / members

March 20
Adjudication: Competition 5
Guest adjudicator: Karl Pittom
Submit Competition 6: Short Story (Memoir)

SAW Weekend Conference (Dates TBC)
Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort, Cumbernauld

March 27
Performance of Sketches (Bring Your Own Props)

April 3
Grahame Anderson

April 10
Big Bash: Open Readings

April 17
Annual Dinner / Adjudication: Competition
Venue TBC
Guest adjudicator: Mary Edward